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Owner of Goodnight and Company, a union set shop, and an experienced production designer and art director, with over 30 years of practical on-set experience across an array of entertainment mediums including feature films, award shows, TV, commercials, live events, games shows, news rooms, live theater, and music videos.


union set shop owner

Production Designer

Company Inc Sets (1999-2014)


production designer

construction coordinator


Bones Brigade (Feature Film 2012)
     Director: Stacy Peralta
McDonald’s Commercials (2016 – Present)
     Director: Blair Hayes

Home Depot Commercials (2018)
El Pollo Loco Commercials (2017 – 2018)
     Director: David Gelb (chef’s table creator)
Viva Paper Towel Commercials (2015 – 2017)
     Director: Jessica Yu, Spokesman: Mike Rowe

McDonald’s Commercials (2000 – 2016)
     Director: Jeff France
Fed Head (Short Film 2014)
     Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Ford Commercials (2007 – 2014)
     Director: Stacy Peralta, Spokesman: Mike Rowe
Hellboy II Feature Film Promos (2008)
NBC New Room San Diego 2002

That's My Jam (Game Build 2021)

Van Gogh Hollywood (Immersive Experience 2021)

Crime Scene Kitchen (2021)

Waffles & Mochi Higher Ground, The Obama’s Production Company (2021)

Come Away (Feature Film 2020)
       Director: Brenda Chapman, Production

       Designer: Luciana Arrighi (Oscar Winner for Howard’s End)
The Oscars (2020) Emmy Award Winner
Rolex Green Room Oscars (2020)
The Oscars (2019)
“Fight Like Hell” Doom Cinematic Trailer (2016)
“Highway Robbery” Volvo Commercial (2016) Clio Award Winner
Elon Musk Solar Tile Release, Universal Backlot Build Out (2016)
Let it Snow (Netflix Movie 2019)
Rent Live Recycled Trash Tree (2019) Emmy Award Winner
Emmy’s Red Carpet (2016 and 2019)
Holidays with the Houghs (TV Special 2019)
Oscars Red Carpet (2012 – 2018)
My Dinner with Herve (HBO Movie 2018)
Oscars After Party (2016 – 2017)
“Hero’s Journey” Kia Super Bowl Spot with Melissa McCarthy (2017)
“Walken Closet” Kia Super Bowl Spot with Christopher Walken (2016)
Soaked In Bleach (Documentary 2015)
Women’s World Cup Soccer Promos (2015) Emmy Award Winning Spots
Oscars (2014) Emmy Award Winner
“Daysaster” Days of Our Lives:  Build / Special Effects / Pyrotechnics 

       (2014) Emmy Award Winner
Ted Talks Long Beach Convention Set (2014)
Independent Spirit Awards Set (2012)
Miss Universe Set (2012)
Access Hollywood (2008 – Present)
KNBC News Room, KVEA News Rooms,
Los Angeles News 
Affiliates (2008 - Present)


art director

Skyscraper (Feature Film 2019) 
     Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber, Legendary Pictures
Madeworn Pop-Up Shop Experience (2018) 
     Installed at Le Bon Marche Paris, France
The Last Jedi NY Comic Con Experience (2017)  Webby Award 
Don’t Look Deeper (Quibi Series 2020) 
      Director: Catherine Hardwicke
The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show (TV Special 2019)
Ant-Man and The Wasp Ames Room Experience (2018)
Super-Gamer Builds (Video 2015)
Jerry Lewis Telethon (TV Special 1990-2009)
Timmy the Tooth Series (TV Show 1995) 

Art Director



union affiliations

IATSE Local 800 – Production Designer 

IATSE Local 44 – Construction Coordinator

2015 - Bachelor of Arts, Film
     California State University, Northridge
1987 - Undergraduate Course Study, Mathematics
     University of California, Santa Barbara

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